Camera Crew

NZCameraHire can provide freelance camera and sound people with equipment for whatever needs you have. We can film your project in 6K, 4K, HD resolution and various video formats.

We pride ourselves on bringing in the right people and the right equipment to best enhance each project. The people we contract are chosen because of their skill base and for the strengths they bring to each production. We have excellent relationships with all our suppliers and are able to pull video shoots together quickly and economically.

We at NZCameraHire are familiar with New Zealand and New Zealand culture so if you are from another country, we are in a position to help you over the cultural hurdle of working here. We are more than just technicians. We are here to help you in any aspect of production.

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Why use NZCameraHire?

Cost saving - Forget about the expense of flying a full crew over. Just send the director and we'll take care of the rest.

Positive Exchange Rate - Here you get more bang for your buck and your budget will last as long as our Dollar is at the right spot.

Location experience - We know New Zealand so you don't have to worry about finding the right location or the right people. We can take that stress off your mind.

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