5″ SmallHD Focus Touchscreen monitor with Daylight Visibility


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incl. 4x NP-F770 style batteries
charger with power cable
or dummy NP-F style battery with D-tap cable
Tilt arm
short SDI or HDMI cable

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  • Resolution 1280 x 720 pixels
  • 800 nits
  • runs on Sony NP-F or L-series batteries
  • Colour Depth: 10-bit processing
  • Inputs: either SDI or HDMI, USB
  • Outputs: Audio only
  • 8.4 x 13.35 x 1.9 cm

Pixel Zoom – 2x & 4x with smooth pan via pinch zoom gesture
Frame Guides – 
Preset Aspect Ratios & Customizable
DSLR Scale – Canon 5DMkii & Canon 7D

Custom Scale – Underscan Only

Anamorphic De-Squeeze – 1.33x, 1.5x, 1.66x, 2.0x

Image Rotate – Automatic or Manual Control

Image Flip – Automatic or Manual Control

Focus Assist – User Adjustable Color Style and Intensity

Peaking – User Adjustable Intensity

False Color – Spectrum, Arri Style and Fully User Customizable

Zebra – Dual – User Configurable

Waveform – Luma & RGB Style, Fully User Customizable w/ Region of Interest Highlighting

Vectorscope – Yes

PIP – No

RGB Parade – Fully User Customizable

Histogram – Luma & RGB Style

Horizon Indicator – No

Image Capture – With Dedicated Button and Image Gallery

Custom LUTS – Loadable as Looks on Pages or as Systemwide Color Calibration via the settings menu

LUT Creation – No

LUT Downstream – Applied on Output Preview Page

LUT Import – Via SD Card or USB Storage Device

Overlay – Opacity Slider and Blink Setting

Blue Only – No

Audio Meters – Up to 8 channel

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