Letus35 ELITE Lens Adapter with Canon FD 10-lens kit


The Letus35 Elite Lens Adapter allows you to mount 35mm Nikon or Canon FD SLR lenses onto cameras with a 77mm or smaller screw-in filter size thread. The Letus35 Elite allows you to set the Back Focus so you can quickly and accurately adjust the distance between the rear element of the prime lens and the ground glass (film plane). This results in accurate focus marks on the lens and sharp focus with the lens set to infinity. The Letus35 Elite also incorporates a film plane line and peg on the outside of the adapter. This makes it possible to use a tape measure as an accurate tool for finding focus and also to calibrate the distance markings on the lens correctly.

Canon FD Lens Kit includes :
– 17mm, f4
– 20mm, f2.8
– 24mm, f2.8
– 28mm, f2.8
– 35mm, f2
– 50mm, f1.4
– 85mm, f1.8
– 100mm, f2.5
– 135mm, f2.8
– 200mm, f2.8


  • New prism technology with proprietary Image Orientation Correction technology (IOC). This adapter “flips” the image upright
  • Optimised achromatic lens included
  • Custom condenser specially tailored for this adapter to get the best possible picture quality
  • New and improved Ground Glass element
  • Beautiful film-look
  • Absolutely no vignetting
  • Best edge-to-edge sharpness in the industry
  • Stunningly beautiful image colours
  • Casing milled from solid aluminium
  • Simple back-focus adjustment ring for on the fly lens collimation
  • Battery is fully enclosed and secured by 2 magnets for ease of replacement during a shoot
  • Virtually silent vibration system that will not interfere with microphones
  • Interchangeable thread rings and lens mounts for easy adaptation to different cameras / lenses on the fly.
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