Nyrius wireless video sender/receiver


Send your high definition video signal from the camera via 5Ghz band to a monitor and watch it in stunning HD quality that you can even record

  • Uncompressed Wireless HDMI, 1080p 50
  • Single Pair Transmitter/Receiver
  • 150′ Line of Sight Transmission
  • Less than 2 Milliseconds Latency
  • Automatic Channel Selection
  • 5 GHz, Unlicensed Band
  • can be powered of camera USB so does not add any additional weight as transmitter unit only 50g

Kit includes:

– 1x transmitter and 1x receiver
3x USB battery banks for transmitter
– 1x Power supply
– 2x HDMI cables
– HDMI and USB cables

For monitor/wireless combo please check monitor page

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