Solidcoms C1 Pro wireless communication system with noise cancelation


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Kit Includes:
– number of headsets
– 2x batteries per headset
– charger
– over-ear leather cushion per headset
– carry case

The Solidcom C1 Pro, Hollyland’s full-duplex wireless intercom headset system featuring dual-mic Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) technology, is incredibly lightweight and easy to use. With built-in ENC, ideal for production teams working in loud environments where exceptional communication clarity is essential. This new-generation headset system features a wideband audio range of 150Hz to 7kHz, and a reliable LOS communication range of up to 1,100ft (350m).

The Solidcom C1 Pro boasts unparalleled dual-mic ENC technology that delivers clear sound captured from challenging loud environments. Its directional main mic focuses precisely on the speaker’s voice range, and simultaneously, the omnidirectional secondary mic collects environmental noise from different directions as noise samples. The sound signal is processed with the advanced ENC algorithm, effectively cancelling the environmental noise and delivering crystal-clear sound quality.

The Solidcom C1 Pro has a 10 hour working time per remote headset. Each headset comes with 2x batteries and the kit is also supplied with a battery charger.

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