EyeDirect MkII – for direct-to-camera interviews


Eye Contact Interview hood

The EyeDirect unit is the ideal device to get direct-to-camera eye contact down the lens with the interview subject. The interviewer can be on either side of the camera and the unit features studio quality Beamsplitter glass.

Perfect for any size camera from Alexa or Red with zoom lens right down to small DSLR cameras, tripod or handheld filming.

The hood unit weighs only 6.2 kg and is easy to use and sets up in 5 Minutes. No electricity required.

Kit includes:

  • EyeDirect unit
  • 45cm adjustable baseplate for any size camera
  • Riser for DSLR’s
  • Camera quick release adapter
  • Rubber donuts for lens
  • Pelican travel case
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