Rode Wireless Go II Radio Microphone kit


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Kit includes:
– 2x transmitters
– 1x receiver (which receives both transmitters)
– 2x fluffy windshields for build-in mics
– 2x lapel mics with foam
– charger with 2x USB-A to USB-C cables
– 3.5mm miniJack cable to connect direct to DSLR camera
– carry case

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This 2-transmitter / 1 receiver Dual-channel wireless set offers a great amount of flexibility for 2 person interviews, V-logs or other recordings indoors or outdoors.
You can use the small high-quality build-in omni-directional mic in the transmitter or the clip-on lapel microphone set to record the audio.
The unit itself can record up to 7 hours of uncompressed audio internally.

  • Sturdy housing (transmitter and receiver)
  • Automatic frequency scan feature searches for available frequencies
  • Illuminated graphic display (receiver)
  • Receiver shows battery level and audio signal strength
  • Mute function
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