15″ProPrompter for Everyone (incl. Laptop with software)


+ GST per day

(available with / without tripod)

This is the 15″ ProPrompter™ which mounts easily to almost any small to medium size camera.

Rails and mounting blocks are supplied and it is light-weight enough to fit on 75mm bowl tripods or it can be used with a shoulder mounted camera set-up.

The script is fed directly from a standalone laptop unit running ProPrompter™ Teleprompter software for easy to read text scrolling.

This system can also be operated in the field and you will need about 4x V-lock batteries for the day which we can supply at $10 each.


 for 15″ ProPrompter™ with Operator and professional “NewsRoom” prompting software please click here

Professional AutoCue Operator will work the equipment.

This is a more sophisticated AutoCue prompting software which can only be operated by a trained operator.

The Autoscript WinPlus NX Ultra Software is a prompting software that offers various configurable options such as colour, timer, closed caption and spell check to a teleprompter. It is compatible with newsroom systems such as AP Newscenter, ENPS, i-News, Dalet etc.

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