9″ clip-on ProPrompter (incl. Laptop with software)


(available with / without operator)

The 9″ ProPrompter™ is the smallest and lightest prompter hood available and features studio quality Beamsplitter glass.

Perfect for handheld and close-quarter presentations to camera (such as in-car, kitchens etc.) the ProPrompter™ hood unit weighs only 1.2 kg, features a 7 1/2″ LCD display, is easy to use and sets up in 5 Minutes. The ProPrompter™ mounts easily to almost any internal focus broadcast camera lens by use of a step down ring directly onto your camera lens. No rails, stands or external bulky support needed. The ProPrompter™ fits any lens diameter from 100 mm down to 52 mm via adapter and step-down rings and we have a wide range available to fit most lenses. It’s fed directly from a standalone laptop unit running ProPrompter™ Teleprompter software for easy to read text scrolling. It is a portable, affordable television teleprompter! This system can also be operated in the field as it runs on battery power. 4x V-lock batteries are included.

9″ ProPrompter™ with Operator option (incl. Laptop with software)

Prompter Operator will work the equipment – 10hrs/day.

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